Oi, Cissy!

A collage of performed self portraits, devised and presented by a cast of trans and non binary performers, Oi, cissy! is a body-driven exploration of the day-to-day experience of being genderqueer.

Oi, Cissy! was performed at Amsterdam Fringe Festival and Come As You Are Festival, Camden People’s Theatre, London in 2017.

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Co-devised by: Bastiaan Franse, Gabi Shay, Adinda Snelderwaard, Xela Von, Reubs Walsh, George Bean

Concept and direction: George Bean

Trans people find themselves caught up in a biopolitical discord that they did not intend and do not consent to and yet, they are doctors, students, scientists, activists, feminists, artists, nurses, carers, teachers. This production gives voice to the experiences of the performers themselves, and reflects the experiences of genderqueer people more generally, by exploring what it‘s like to be living an ordinary life while your very existence is a profoundly political and disruptive act.

Melding highly individual solo sections with group scenes we present an opportunity for everyone – cis or trans – to experience anew the reality of politicised embodiment in public space, and the power / disempowerment of ones very body being a provocative political symbol.

Multi-layered, visual and visceral, a performance piece which is both deeply personal to the performers and yet also universal for all present. Everyone can relate to the feeling of wanting to be seen, understood, recognised, and the frustrations that come with seeking that self-expression.

About the company:

We are an international performance group of trans, non binary and cis people based in Amsterdam Using a fully collaborative process, we devise performance work which explores the real lived experiences of genderqueer people, through the landscape of theatre.